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Learn to Ride Intensive Course.


What is Balance-Ability?

Balance-ability is the UK's first accredited 'learn to cycle' programme for children aged 2½ to 6 years old. 

The programme is a structured course that combines unique ergonomic balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence, spatial awareness and dynamic balance skills enabling young children to cycle without ever needing stabilisers.

Balance-Ability – Learn to Ride Intensive Course

RB Gym and Sport offer intensive Balance-Ability: Learn to Ride Courses across a variety of venues during the School Holidays

Not only does this programme get children riding solo on a pedal bike, it can be used to develop childrens riding ability for those that can already ride independently. 

This programme is only for children aged 4-6 at the time of the course. 

Course must be booked as a 5 day ‘block booking’. 8am-12pm. Children take part in up to 3 hours of Balance-Ability sessions per day with time for breaks and free activity time. 

During this intensive course, children work through Levels 1 and 2 of the Balance-Ability programme and those children exceeding the programme will use pedal bikes.  

The aim of this intensive learn to ride course is to have children riding with confidence independently on a pedal bike within 5 days, 


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Learning and Development

Within Level 1, fundamental movement patterns, gross motor skills and dynamic balance are incorporated along with an introduction to the balance bike. Children learn how to pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount their bikes and how to ride a balance bike safely. Level 1 aims to build confidence in the ability to glide on a balance bike and how to stop in a controlled manner.

Level 2 continues the development of gross motor skills, dynamic balance and co-ordination and progresses to advanced balance-ability. The main goal is to improve the child's gliding, stopping, braking, and turning skills, enabling them to ride solo on a pedal bike safely and with confidence by the end of the program. 

We always bring pedal bikes to the balance-ability sessions which means that children that can already ride a pedal bike will complete the activities with the challenge of pedalling; pupils will be challenged to pedal and glide from seated and standing positions, ride 1 handed, use arm signals to demonstrate where they are turning, develop their ability to ride at different speeds and increase their ability to push off and stop on a pedal bike. 

Using fun, educational activities, Children will also learn about road safety using arts and craft games, learn how to blow up a tyre, higher a saddle and tighten up their handlebars. 

“I would really recommend this. We never managed to get enough regular time to spend with our daughter riding her bike, so gave Balance-Ability a go. She loved every minute (as she does with all RBSA holiday camps), and by the end of day 3 didn't need stabilisers - she hasn't looked back.” 



Parent, Summer 2020.

"Jessica had a fantastic time on the Balance-ability course and has been out on her bike a couple of times since with so much confidence! Thank you very much to the whole team. She's looking forward to the next school holidays now!"