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At RB Sports Activities Football Camp our focus is on creating a fun, stimulating environment to help children build confidence and develop the fundamentals of football. The camp aims to enhance player's technical development & skill building with daily topics to improve attacking and defending principles.

  • Daily Topics

  • Progressive age appropriate practices.

  • Daily Trick Workshops

  • World Cup Competitions



Through technical and skilled practices, children will develop their ability to pass the ball over a range of distances and build confidence to use both feet. Fun conditioned games will allow players to retain possession of the ball and work as a team.


Learn to move the ball like Ronaldo. Challenging drills to increase individuals ball mastery skills. Beat a player 1v1 and be positive on the ball.

Receiving and Turning    

Control and move the ball with your feet, knee, and chest. Players are encouraged to be creative and learn when to turn away from defenders.


Build confidence to tackle/block the ball from an attacker in technical and skilled practices. Conditioned Games focus on improving agility to mark attackers.


1st time shots, long range shooting and penalty shoot outs. A variety of games to allow players build the ability to create space and shoot at goal.

​​World Cup Competitions


Daily world cup themed tournaments to encourage players to put into practise the skills they have learnt throughout the day.


Holiday camps run from 9.00am - 3.30pm to cover the average school day or 8.00am - 6.00pm each day for those parents that need that little extra time for their childcare solutions during school holidays.


If you are a working parent and looking for Ofsted registered childcare in the school holidays, you can drop your children off at 8.00am and pick them up at 6.00pm, knowing they are in a safe secure environment with lots of fun challenging activities.


Alternatively, you can choose a half day Gymnastics Camp from: 8.00am - 12.00pm or 12.30pm - 4.30pm.


** Please note: 4-year olds can only attend the half day


Holiday Camps

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