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 Games Celebration Workshop

RB Gym and Sports Games Celebration Workshop engage children in a variety of sporting activities that are themed around the The Commonwealth Games.

Our workshops are designed for KS1 and KS2 pupils and embed the Commonwealth Games values within them:

Humanity, Equality and Destiny.


The day will begin with an opening assembly delivering an introduction to the Commonwealth Games, its values and history. The assembly will then proceed to give a brief outline of the day to the children.

As a full day event, 4 classes will experience a 60-minute workshop on a class by class basis, participating in four

Commonwealth Games disciplines:

Lawn Bowls, Beach Volleyball, Athletics and Archery (ks2), Track Cycling (ks1),


Each class will be split into 4 commonwealth teams and compete in an intra-school competition.

Winners of the Intra-School Competition will receive a Holiday Camp Voucher for RB Holiday Camps - Multi-Sport Activity Camp.



N.B. RB Gym and Sport are not an official partner of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Why should you book onto a Games Celebration Workshops?

Our 2022 Games Celebration workshops:

✅ Are planned and delivered by RB Gym and Sport, making it hassle-free delivery for schools – we provide all equipment and resources.

✅ Teach the importance of physical activity for a healthy active lifestyle.

✅ Introduce children to the values of the Commonwealth Games movements Humanity, Equality and Destiny

✅ Help you address the School Games agenda via intra-school competition.

✅ Support your PE and School Sport Premium outcomes.

✅ Give children the opportunity to partake in new sporting activities.

✅ Boost confidence and physical activity levels within pupils.


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