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The Gymnastics Camps offers your child a chance to learn a number of key gymnastics skills as well as improving fundamental skills such as balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun but structured environment. Children will have the opportunity to use a range of hand apparatus as well as developing floor and vaulting skills to create sequences and routines.

Is your child always jumping on the sofa and rolling around the floor? If so, our Gymnastics camp is perfect to ensure they are learning the skills correctly in a safe and fun environment.


See the skills they will be developing below:


Rolls and Rotation    

Children will learn to rotate their bodies forwards, backwards and sideways, from rolling on the floor, to performing a somersault in the air.

Headstands and Headstands    

Children will learn to balance on 2 and 3 body parts, walk on their hands and link skills from an upside-down position.

Jumps and Rebound    

Children will develop their ability to rebound and land by taking part in fun circuit training sessions that will increase the height and tempo they jump.


Learn how to manoeuvre the body on and over varying obstacles and get the feeling of flying as you jump off springboards over the vault.

Cartwheels and Round-offs    

It would not be a gymnastics camp without doing cartwheels, from learning the skill to performing it with one hand. Children will be challenged to perform basic to advanced cartwheel variations.


Children will learn to problem solve, communicate, and work as a team as they build challenging balances in groups of up to 6 children!

Beam Work    

Perfect floor skills along a narrow beam and learn how to mount and dismount in readiness for a beam routine.


Children take part in fun fitness sessions to physically prepare their bodies for the demand of the sport. Children exercise along to music in a fun motivating environment.

Rhythmic Gymnastics    

Learn how to co-ordinate hoops, balls, and ribbons with the body to create mesmerising routines.

Floor Routines    

Show off the skills you have learnt throughout the week by creating routines individually and in groups.

Apparatus Routines    

Create routines on beams and other various apparatus in groups to perform to the rest of the camp.

Holiday camps run from 9.00am - 3.30pm to cover the average school day or 8.00am - 6.00pm each day for those parents that need that little extra time for their childcare solutions during school holidays.


If you are a working parent and looking for Ofsted registered childcare in the school holidays, you can drop your children off at 8.00am and pick them up at 6.00pm, knowing they are in a safe secure environment with lots of fun challenging activities.


Alternatively, you can choose a half day Gymnastics Camp from: 8.00am - 12.00pm or 12.30pm - 4.30pm.


** Please note: 4-year olds can only attend the half day


Holiday Camps

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