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RB Gym and Sport use physically active learning activities to promote and educate primary school children on the importance of living a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

During our Healthy Active Lifestyle Workshop, pupils will learn to:

Year 1 and 2

  • Identify healthy and unhealthy Food Options

  • Identify foods that are high and low in sugar

  • Take part in physical activity and identify positive affects of exercising. 

Year 3 and 4

  • Explain the role of each food group and identify foods that belong to each category

  • Understand and demonstrate what a balanced meal looks like

  • Explain the effects of eating too much sugar

  • Take part in and identify different types of Physical Activity.

Year 5 and 6

  • Identify foods that have a high and low sugar content and demonstrate steps to limit the intake of sugar. 

  • Understand and explain the role of each food group and the effect it has on the body.

  • Demonstrate how to identify healthier, low sugar food and drink.

  • Take part in and identify different types of physical activity

Shocking statistics about Child Obesity in the Black Country:

43.3% of children in year 6 overweight or obese (national average 34.2%)

27.8% of children in Reception overweight or obese (national average 22.6%)

36.6% of children under 16 are inactive (less than 30 minutes of activity per week)

Children who are obese have shortened their life expectancy by a minimum of 10 years.

How does this effect your pupils in school?

Research has shown that pupils who are overweight or Obese are more likely to experience, physical, social, and psychological issues, some of these include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Type II Diabetes

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Depression

  • Lower educational attainment

  • More likely to be bullied

  • Less likely to be employed


With child obesity becoming a growing problem, it cannot be a question of whether

we act to address this, but rather how?

If you want to support pupils build their understanding around Healthy Eating and develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to lead Healthy Active Lifestyles, then our full-day workshop does exactly that.

✅ Fulfil the P.E National Curriculum by ensuring pupils lead healthy active lives

✅ Address the governments obesity strategy


£450 per full day.

(8.50am – 3.30pm)