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The Multi Sports Activity Camps offers your child a huge range of sports, physical activities, and alternative activities during every school holiday.


Children in school years Reception* to Year 7 can participate in an exciting programme of indoor and outdoor activities each day.


During every Multi Sports Camp, children are split into small groups according to age and ability and are led by qualified and enthusiastic coaches.

Team Building    

Problem solving skills will be needed to complete team challenges.


Practise dribbling, passing, and shooting skills and score points in small sided games.


Shooting, passing, and moving activities will prepare you for the high-speed team game of handball.


Enjoy attacking and passing games and learn new skills to put into action in small sided games.


Perfect the backhand and forehand through mini games and challenges and rally with your friends in tennis matches.


Enjoy attacking and defending games, hold your nerve in the penalty shootout and help your team in the small games.

Tournament Day    

Enjoy competing with your teammates in several tournaments throughout the day.


Catching and striking games will prepare you for batting and fielding in a Kwik cricket game.

Kick Rounders    

The great game of rounders mixed with football is always fun.


Take a turn batting, bowling, and fielding and see how many rounders your team can achieve.


How quickly can you duck and move in the fast pace game with your team.

Ultimate Frisbee    

Played in a similar way to golf, Frisbee Golf replaces the ball and club with a flying disc. Challenge your accuracy to complete each hole in the fewest shots.

Bench ball    

Pass and move to find your teammates and reach the bench to score a point for your team.


Running, jumping, throwing and relay races ensures there is an event for everyone.


Enjoy a mixture of passing, moving, and shooting games and get used to moving with the stick before finishing with a mini hockey tournament.


Learn the forehand, backhand, overhead clear, and smash shots and practise rallies over the net.

Archery    Aim for the bullseye in archery to test your accuracy.


Learn how to lunge and joust in fencing duels with foam or plastic swords and professional masks.

Tri Golf    

Try chipping and putting challenges before aiming trying out a custom-made golf course.

Tag Rugby    

Enjoy passing and moving the rugby ball in non-contact tag games and small sided tournaments.


Learn the dig, serve, and volley and work with your team in this exciting game in both standing and sitting positions.


Test your accuracy and nerve under pressure in this exciting Paralympic sport.

Holiday camps run from 9.00am - 3.30pm to cover the average school day or 8.00am - 6.00pm each day for those parents that need that little extra time for their childcare solutions during school holidays.


If you are a working parent and looking for Ofsted registered childcare in the school holidays, you can drop your children off at 8.00am and pick them up at 6.00pm, knowing they are in a safe secure environment with lots of fun challenging activities.


Alternatively, you can choose a half day Gymnastics Camp from: 8.00am - 12.00pm or 12.30pm - 4.30pm.


** Please note: 4-year olds can only attend the half day


Holiday Camps

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