PPA Cover

In a time of low school budgets, ever increasing demands, schools often struggle to find cost effective, high quality PPA cover. 

RB Gym & Sport delivers a quality cost effective service when it comes to covering PPA time, we have developed an inclusive approach that engages all your pupils in high quality learning, P.E and School Sport. We aim to ensure that pupils experience of Sport and Physical Education at Primary School is a positive and enjoyable one.


We will deliver a service that meets all your needs!.

A professional and sustainable solution for your school:

✅ High Quality Delivery within all areas of the P.E National Curriculum.

✅ Hassle Free Planning – We deliver our own PE Scheme of Work, which follows National Curriculum guidelines.

✅ Dedicated Primary PE Specialist that becomes part of your Teaching Team ensures continuity for you and your pupils.

✅ Expert Sport Educators Manage Complete PPA Cover: Registers, Effective Class Management, Behaviour Management and Home Time Dismissal.

✅ Sport Educators Receive Regular Quality Assurance checks from our Management Team.

✅ RB Gym and Sport are experts in Gymnastics Delivery. 

✅ Flexible and Adaptable Services with Regular Performance Reviews to ensure we are Delivering the Service and Support     you need.

✅ Tracked Pupil Progress - Our Sport Educators Assess Pupils before, during and at the end of each scheme of work. 

✅ You Receive Lesson Overviews and Completed Assessments.

✅ Raise the Profile and Attainment in PE across the Whole School.

✅ RB Gym and Sport are Business Associates of afPE.

This means you and your senior management team can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll be provided with a high quality, reliable, education-focused service that improves your pupils’ skills and confidence, while consistently following best practice guidance on the effective use of agencies in PE and school sport.

“I would whole-heartedly recommend RB Gym and Sport for any school looking for high-quality professionals with a clear understanding of the Primary PE Curriculum.” 



Mrs Minihane. Headteacher.

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